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Moomin by Arabia, Millennium & Rose plate set, 19cm

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Millennium & Rose plate set, 19cm. - Moomin collector’s plates.

MILLENNIUM: The Moomin family wakes up from their hibernation and decides to celebrate New Year’s Eve. They make a toast, but Little My is too eager and drinks her glass before the toast. Only Snufkin is still asleep, despite all the noise. The sea is frozen and the swimming room’s roof is covered with snow. The illustration first appeared in 2000, when Arabia issued the Millennium mug.

ROSE: Moomintroll falls in love with Primadonna from the theatre, whom he rescues from a flood. Snorkmaiden gets jealous and Moomintroll has to charm her again. In the end, Snorkmaiden snuggles with Moomintroll on a bench, and they are in love again. The illustration is from 1990, when it was first depicted on the side of an Arabia mug.

  • Designer: Tove Slotte
  • Manufacturer: Arabia
  • Material: porcelain